5 Baller Beaverton Venues for your Next Oregon Event

5 of the Best Beaverton Venues

Ponzi Vineyards in Beaverton, OR


Beaverton is the 5th largest city in Oregon, and home to over 80,000 residents. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Silicon Forrest’ a nod to it’s Silicon Valley similarities, even if it isn’t quite the same size as the California giant. With successful companies and cheerful residents comes bountiful celebration! Beaverton has some awesome venues, and we wanted to take the time just to highlight a few of them for your consideration if you are in the planning stages of your next Beaverton event.  If none of these options strike you as perfect, reach out to us or another event planner to get help with Event Venue Selection.

McMenamins Murray and Allen Pub – website – Capacity: 30

McMenamins is known for maintaining a variety of event venues that can be used to host parties, meetings, weddings, and more. We want to take a second to focus on one of their pubs, Murray and Allen. With rustic food and a local selection of craft and self-made beers and cocktails, you and your guests will have an absolute blast here. The venue features some very original decor, with an animated sun smiling down on you, surrounded by hanging plants.  This is one of the more tight knit venues in Beaverton, so keep your guest list to 30 or less. A perfect spot for a small corporate meeting, wedding rehearsal dinner, or just a fun night out with some good friends.

Ponzi Vineyards- website – Capacity: 50

If the Murray and Allen Pub was a venue appetizer for quainter events, Ponzi Veineyards is the main course. This incredibly elegant venue is perfect for setting a tone of elegance and class.  Everything from their decor, to their menu, to their outstanding staff highlights this feat of professionalism.  The four course menus and local wine tasting is sure to wow your attendees. Perfect for corporate meet and greets, fundraisers, and of course weddings, this Beaverton venue is one that deserves consideration.

The Reserve – website – Capacity: 350

The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Course is a much larger venue.  Complete with large indoor meeting spaces capable of accommodating up to 120 individuals, this venue is perfect for larger professional gatherings or weddings with massive guest lists.  Bonus activities include wine tasting and group tee times on their golf course.  With your venue reservation, you get free access to their tables, linens, chairs, and basic AV equipment. They offer catering for an additional fee if you plan on also feeding your event guests.

Hotshot Billiards – website – Capacity: 120

This venue and the next one come with built in entertainment! Hotshot Billiards is a massive pool hall that can support groups up to 120 persons in size. They maintain 22 active billiard tables, which means if you are playing partners, up to 88 of your event attendees can be playing simultaneously! The pool hall features other entertainment options as well such as an arcade room, dart boards, and a classic jukebox.  The kitchen offers classic bar food such as burgers, chicken strips, and french fries, but the venue is open to groups bringing in their own catering if you want to “class it up” a bit.

Sunset Lanes – website – Capacity: 400

Our final venue on our Beaverton Event Venue highlight reel is Sunset Lanes, a local bowling facility.  With such large capacity, Sunset Lanes is perfect for hosting large corporate events where the focus in fun. Prices are based around two hours of unlimited bowling, but the venue offers multiple packages and additional services. Bowling, might seem a little hokey for an event, but anywhere where there is food, beverage, and fun is an excellent candidate for an event location. If you plan on inviting whole families, the bowling can help keep the little ones entertained as well.

What other Beaverton Venues stand out to you? Leave your favorite Beaverton venue in the comments below so that others can benefit from your experience and knowledge!



The Corporate “Company” Picnic Evolution

Company Picnics are evolving

“Company Picnics” are fully recognized events in the United States. If you tell someone you are having a company picnic this weekend, they would rightly assume that you and your coworker’s families would be gathering at a location together to socialize, consume food and beverage, and typically enjoy some type of entertainment. The evolution of the company picnic, what it started as, what it became, and what it might be in the future is where Portland and Seattle corporations should be looking as they pursue new employee engagements and events.

The word picnic itself first originated in 1692 in print. It wouldn’t be for nearly 100 more years, in 1789, when picnics would manifest in their modern meaning. 1789 is when royal parks became public. Citizens started taking advantage of their new found rights in droves.  Family picnics became a regular activity, and the parks were regularly filled.  As history progressed, businesses more and more represented groups of people, and not individual entities. It was a natural progression for celebrations to include the workers of the companies once the businesses valued them beyond just their ability to produce labor.

Company picnics started as merely barbecue events in public parks. Food, and socializing. Later, field games would be introduced. A variety of competitive activities such has potato sack races, hula hoop competitions, and water balloon tosses. Do you think the first company established in Portland hosted picnics? The concept of the classic company picnic was immortalized in the season five finale of NBC’s hit show “The Office“.  They included all of the classic games, and even had a company wide volleyball tournament.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, Microsoft hosted giant company picnics for their Redmond based offices. The picnics would span three days, with over 10,000 guests arriving each day. While this was certainly an impressive feat for the company to accomplish, they soon realized that this massive scale picnic didn’t make sense. With so many people there, it was unlikely for you to meet up with coworkers and bond in a different setting. Introducing your family to your manager was a long shot. Microsoft changed the format and decided to give individual groups budgets for annual events. Now, a group of anywhere from 30 to 200 people will throw an annual company picnic, either at their headquarters in Redmond, or nearby at Lake Sammamish’s own Vasa Park.

Portland’s own monster company, Nike inc.,  follows a similar format. Hosting one giant picnic on their massive on campus fields. At least with only one day of attendance, their is a higher probability of the group camaraderie and celebration. It’s likely only a matter of time until Portland company’s follow suit and devolve the traditional company picnic into smaller events.

In addition to size reductions and group consolidations, Portland companies are looking for new ways to explore celebrating traditional events. They look to rent new and exciting event equipment, bring in exciting entertainment, and new food and beverage options. Employers want to engage employees in new ways, and events are looked at as a competitive job perk. The company picnic, or some variation thereof, is no longer optional. In order to recruit great talent in competitive markets, companies need every edge they can get.

As the traditional “Company Picnic” continues to evolve, I think we will see wide ranges of new activities, and more frequent events than just the annual celebration. Our generation is blessed with greater automation, making long hours less necessary, and leaving more time for creative events. If you are looking for ideas to take your annual company picnic to the next level, make sure you check out our guide for creative company picnics.

Leave your comment below to let us know what you think the next evolution of company picnics might be!