Easter Event Extravaganza

Easter Egg Hunts are Perfect for any Easter Event

Easter, while a Christian holiday, is celebrated by people all over the world. Individuals that don’t celebrate its original intention, have created great family traditions with the make believe Easter Bunny, and his various hidden eggs. As a result, churches, non-profits, businesses, and individuals have been hosting Easter parties for several generations. There are millions of different activities that you can do on Easter weekend, but here are a few of the common ideas to get you started.


1. Decorate Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs has always been a traditional activity. Before you start make sure you boil the eggs. This way if they crack there is no mess and you get to enjoy eating the egg when you are finished! After your eggs are boiled make sure you put them in the fridge for a few hours so they have a chance to cool down. Pick up a egg dying kit from your local grocery or drug store. They come with everything you need to make beautiful eggs. Before you get started with the kids, make sure you have aprons or that the kids are wearing shirts they don’t care about. Lay down plenty of newspaper, this stuff stains! Follow the directions on the box to make the dyes and have a blast.  Pro tip: use  white crayon to draw on the egg before dying it. The wax will keep the dye off of the shell and leave behind a white picture of what you drew!


2. Host an Easter Egg Hunt

Hide the eggs you dyed out in your backyard, around the house, or in a local park. If you don’t want to use the dyed eggs, or if you need a greater volume of eggs, buy plastic eggs online or from a local store. You can fill them with candy or money, and they are usable for multiple years! If you have a wide age range of children participating, designate certain colors to specific age groups and then hide the eggs with greater degrees of difficulty depending on the color. The older kids will love the challenge of trying to find the smallest spec of color hiding among nature.


Animated Easter Bunny Holding an Egg, posing for pictures at your next Easter Event!


3. Take Pictures with an Easter Bunny

You can hire an Easter Bunny from a local company to come out and hang out with kids. Parents can take pictures with their children and the Easter bunny. You can have the Easter Bunny hand out candy to all the kids as well as hop around with a basket of eggs. If you have the Easter Bunny there during the Easter Egg hunt have him help out the younger ones with finding their eggs.


4. Rent a Bounce House or Other Inflatables

Contact a local inflatable rental company to rent a bounce house or other inflatable attractions. This is an especially good option for churches who want to celebrate after their church service or encourage people in the local community to attend their church. Even if you are just celebrating Easter in your backyard with your family, you too can have a bounce house rental. Inflatable attractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We will cover your different rental options in another blog post at a later date.

Whatever you decide to do for Easter, make sure you are spending quality time with your family and being safe. Everyone here at Bouncer Rental Northwest wishes you a Happy Easter!


Preparing for March Madness

March Madness Tournament

Start your spring off the right way by celebrating March Madness!

March Madness is quickly approaching! The NCAA sponsored tournament is a chance for sports fans everywhere to cheer on their favorite college basketball teams. This once a year event is popular all over the United States. Take advantage of the three week tournament by hosting a March Madness event at your company.  Throwing a party will boost employee morale and kick off Spring the right way. Here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Fill Out Brackets

Most basketball fans love to guess who will win the championship by filling out a bracket and competing with their friends to see who gets more of the games correct.  Start an office pool to go to whoever predicts the most wins. If you want to discourage gambling, buy some prizes and give those away in lieu of money. Even if one of your coworkers knows nothing about basketball, there are always upsets, and it will encourage them to follow along in the fun with the possibility of winning a prize at the end.


Rent a Satellite Receiver for your event!

Who knew you could rent these?

2. Bring in Satellite TV

Make lunch breaks more interesting by having the games on. The Seattle Games2U Franchise will bring out 50″ Plasma TVs with remote satellite receivers and leave them there for the duration of the event. Setup some chairs in the break room and let your employees have at it. Don’t forget to bring chips and dip so they have something to munch on. When the games aren’t on, you can have the latest basketball video game running on the TV. Sure your productivity levels might drop, but you will build employee loyalty and happiness.


3. Rent Interactive Entertainment

If staring at glowing boxes isn’t your idea of a good time, maybe you can go for some more interactive entertainment instead.  Pop-A-Shot rentals are always popular among kids and adults, no previous basketball experience required! If you are looking for a different twist on the classic double shot hoop game, check out this unique basketball inflatable. Participants compete to get rid of their basketballs first. Every time a shot is made, it returns to their opponents side. It is a race against time to see who can make their shots faster.  If you want to get really crazy, you can rent a bungee basketball game. Two players compete to make 2 baskets first, the only catch is that they are harnessed to a massive bungee cord. Every time they get close to the basket, they are yanked back. One of these interactive options is guaranteed to spice up your March Madness event.


4. Have a Potluck

No event is complete without food. Everyone eats and hosting a potluck is the best way to include everyone in the festivities. Have a custom basketball cake made. Host your potluck as close as possible to the final game, Monday April 8th. Encourage everyone in the office to bring in unique food and find a way to present it as a basketball theme. If you want to serve hamburgers and hot dogs, consider renting a propane grill and putting it in the front of the office. We don’t think April is too early to start barbecuing in Seattle!

Whatever route you decide to go for your March Madness festivities, you will be sure to create some memories! Feel free to post your march madness party ideas in the comments section below.